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29 August 2016 BBWA- Women Still Battling out in the Economic Front 22 years into our Democracy

As we celebrate 60 years of the 1956 Women's March that brought about the fruit of Freedom and Democracy we enjoy today. I want to remind ourselves that nothing in life that comes easy without sweat and effort, as our Freedom has shown it came through sweat and blood. Black Women in Business are sweat out for recognition by Big Business and Government alike. Anywhere you look women are still far behind in a country that claim to be committed to gender equality, Parliament might not be doing bad, we you look at cabinet ministers, deputy minister and members of parliament, public sector very bad. Let's look at the private sector we have reversed the gains that we made in the past numbers of women directors of companies has dropped in the the companies listed in Johannesburg stock exchanged has dropped, construction sector can't even meet its own BEE target that is waste industry when it comes to women, the other sector that is far behind is timber/forestry. Yet the studies show that women lead companies do well globally compare to male dominated companies. As women in business we still got a long way to go, United we stand divided we fall standing together to fight these battles is the only way. We salute our fore bearers who paved the way for us. We celebrate their legacy the challenge for us is to leave our legacy now that will be celebrated by generations to come, let as lift others as we rise. Malibongwe Igama Lamakhodokazi.

5 July 2016 Urgent

"Dear Ladies, our company is looking to fund people who need bursaries to study Masters and Ph.D in Computer Science. The bursary covers everything and includes a stipend. If you know anyone who would be interested, please give us a shout!

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5 July 2016 AWIEF

We wish to further request your assistance in disseminating information about the conference to your networks. Kindly find attached our banner, which is to be hyperlinked to our website (Please click on the image). 
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